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The “Gender Budgeting in Ukraine” Project

The “Gender Budgeting in Ukraine” Project (hereinafter referred to as the GRB Project) is implemented with the aim of supporting the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine in the process of implementing gender-responsive budgeting in Ukraine with the financial support of Sweden.

The main purpose of the GRB Project is to help enhance the economic efficiency of budget expenditures by taking into account the needs of different groups of women and men in Ukraine.

GRB Project implementation period – from 2014 to 2021


1) Initial work connected with the GRB implementation (2014-2015);

2) Implementation and evaluation of the results of the pilot work on the GRB (2016);

3) GRB institutionalization (2017);

4) Expansion of the work on GRB (2018-2021).

In the course of the Project implementation, the following activities were organized and ensured:

  • development of proposals and recommendations to legislative acts and regulations that determine budgetary relations regarding the integration of the GRB;
  • gender analysis of the programs funded by state or local budgets; preparation of proposals and recommendations on gender mainstreaming within these programs.
  • training events, meetings and consultations on the matters of the actual implementation of the gender-responsive approach in the budget process at the state and local levels;
  • application of international experience in the implementation of the gender-responsive approach in the budget process;
  • implementation of outreach activities.

GRB Project partners

At the state level, the Project cooperates with:

  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Health of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of Culture of Ukraine;
  • Committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (the specialist committee and the budget one)
  • State Statistics Service of Ukraine
  • And other key spending units of the state budget of Ukraine.

At the local level, the Project cooperates with 24 regional state administrations and the Kyiv city state administration, as well as with united territorial communities, cities of regional significance, districts.

Other partners: international donors, projects and all-Ukrainian associations of local self-government bodies, NGOs, higher education institutions.

Methodological recommendations

In 2019, together with the GRB Project, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine developed Methodological recommendations regarding the introduction and application of the gender-responsive approach in the budget process. These recommendations will be used by the key spending units and other participants of the budget process with the aim of taking into account the gender dimension in the process of planning, fulfilling and reporting on the fulfilment of budget programs (Order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine No. 1 dated January 2, 2019).

Online course

An online course Gender-Responsive Budgeting for Community Development  was prepared by the USAID Project “Policy for Ukraine Local Self-Governance” (PULSE), which is implemented by the Association of Ukrainian Cities, and the “Gender Budgeting in Ukraine” Project.

The course program includes the information on:

  • approaches to the implementation of the GRB at the state and local levels;
  • how to understand and introduce gender dimension into the process of planning and implementation of strategies, plans and budget programs;
  • successful experience of communities that apply GRB in Ukraine.