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1,6 million CHF

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Swiss-Ukrainian Project «Development of Citizenship Competences in Ukraine - DOCCU»

Project mission:

SWISS-UKRAINIAN DOCCU PROJECT is aimed at developing civil society in Ukraine by raising the level of awareness among educators, school children, their parents, as well as public servants and local self-governance officials on issues of democratic citizenship and human rights.

The project is designed to improve the process of cooperation between public authorities, the education system and the citizens of local communities in order to create a democratic environment in local communities.

Project implementation period:

Stage І (2013 – 2016)

Stage ІІ (2016 – 2018)

Project budget:

1,6 mln CHF

Project goal:

DOCCU is aimed at support of sustainable development of civil society by implementation of  education for democratic citizenship and human rights education (EDC/HRE) in Ukraine through the system of in-service training of civil servants and representatives of local self-government and the system of in-service teacher training and teacher education.

Project description

Swiss-Ukrainian DOCCU Project is supported by the Swiss Confederation represented by the Swiss Cooperation Office in Ukraine. DOCCU is line with the Swiss Cooperation Strategy for Ukraine 2015-2018 within the domain "Governance and Peacebuilding".

Project is implemented by the International Projects in Education of Zurich University of Teacher Education (Switzerland) in cooperation with the NGO “Development of Citizenship Competences in Ukraine” (Ukraine).

DOCCU is aimed at strengthening of civil society through activation of citizens in local communities by implementation of the mechanisms of citizenship participation and support of the process of decentralization on the local and regional levels. On the national level DOCCU supports decentralization processes in frame of the reform of education and reform of civil service by providing the expertise for development of new laws and regulations via integrating practical experience from the field into the national legislation framework.

DOCCU project is directed on strengthening of cooperation and partnership between authorities, educational structures and local citizens for creation of the democratic environment in local communities, increase in number of the active and responsible citizens aiming to change life of society by taking part in the local self-government.

DOCCU is partner of the following strategic reforms in Ukraine:

- reform of education;

- reform of civil service;

- decentralization reform.

Project goals and components

Project aims at deep implementation of EDC/HRE for achievement of the following goals:

- development of civil society by strengthening of cooperation between school, public authorities and community citizens;

- development of citizenship competences of school children, their parents, teachers, school principals, civil servants and representatives of local self-governance, media for sustainable development of democracy and human rights in Ukraine.

DOCCU (2013 - 2018) is implemented in frame of four core Project components:

Component 1 «Civil Servants and LSG representatives». National scale implementation of education for democratic citizenship and human rights education (EDC/HRE) in the system in-service training of civil servants and local self-government representatives in Ukraine.

Component 2 «School Principals». Implementation of EDC/HRE into the system of in-service training of school principals in 8 partner regions.

Component 3 «Teachers». Implementation of EDC/HRE into the system of in-service teacher training in 8 partner regions.

Component 4 «University Teachers: Primary School Education». Implementation of EDC/HRE into the system of training of future primary school teachers in line with the ongoing education reform ‘New Ukrainian School’ (NUS) in the 8 partner regions.

Project outcomes


National policy framework revision for creation of conducive environment for development of democratic citizenship 

For advancing the decentralization reform in a credible way, there is a need to establish strong linkages between the policy-making and regulatory processes and education decentralization experience in the field.

DOCCU project provided wide expertise to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MinEdu) and the National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service (NAUCS) on development of sufficient regulatory framework for creation of conducive environment in system of public administration and local self-governance directed on strengthening of citizenship engagement.

Thus, the Law of Ukraine on Education (adopted in 2016) and the Law of Ukraine on Civil Service were amended with provisions on development of citizenship competences, strengthening of mechanisms of citizens’ engagement. Project facilitated development of the Concept of Civic Education (adopted in 2018) and the National Program on Human Rights Education in the System of General Secondary Education as well as the State Standard of Primary Education. Citizenship competence was included into the new National standard of secondary education of Ukraine "New Ukrainian School" as one of 4 cross-cutting thematic direction as a result of cooperation of the DOCCU Swiss and Ukrainian experts` team with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Methodical recommendation on teaching of citizenship competence in frame of all subjects of secondary and primary school (27 subjects) were developed by DOCCU experts and implemented into new educational programs of corresponding subjects.

Building capacity of educators and public servants to develop schools as a center of democratic local community 

The implementation of ‘Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights’ concept (EDC/HRE) contributes to decentralization and growth of civic engagement in Ukraine through the development of democratic participation skills for teachers as representatives of local cultural elites and through the focus on young people.

Work with local CSOs and local governments reinforces the training of school teachers and principals and stimulates the establishment of a ‘school-public authorities-community’ triangle. In frame the DOCCU project training programs focused on good governance issues over 47`000 of civil servants and over 13`000 students of master programs on public administration across Ukraine were prepared in 2015-2018; over 82`000 of school teachers and over 10`000 of school principal received training in frame of EDC/HRE courses and involved over 1.28 million pupils in democracy education.

Greater interface between schools and communities can both lead to the rise of social activism in the community and positively impact the quality of the education process. DOCCU project focused on teaching citizenship education and human rights education through the practical approach. The key goal was to educate and motivate pupils to become active citizens of their local communities. Thus, in target regions the trained pupils initiated over 300 social micro-projects together with trained teachers, parents, local authorities and local NGOs.

Ukrainian version of Living-Democracy.com.ua platform, launched in 2018 is visited by over 100 000 users.

Over 50 000 copies of translated and adapted manuals of the Council of Europe`s ‘Living Democracy’ pack, were published and disseminated among all the schools of 8 regions of Ukraine.   


Manuals of the Living Democracy pack (Council of Europe)

Manual “Civic Competences in Professional Training of Civil Servants and Representatives of Local Self-Government Officials” (collection of teaching materials for the system of training, retraining and in-service training of civil servants and officials of local self-government).

Didactic Materials on Implementation of Cross-Cutting Content Line “Civic Responsibility’ in General Secondary Schools

Portfolio for Civil Servants and Local Self-Government Officials on Development of Citizenship Competences

Analytical report on by the results measurement of the impact of the of the Swiss-Ukrainian project ‘Development of civic competences in Ukraine – DOCCU’  

Development of Citizenship Competences in Ukraine: Results of Sociological Research

Agenda of the Directorate of the Ministry

Pilot regions         

Kyiv, Odessa, Kherson, Poltava, Lviv, Lugansk, Ivano-Frankivsk and Dnipropetrovsk regions

Key project partners

  • Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
  • National Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service
  • Regional State Administrations and Regional Councils of Kyiv, Odessa, Kherson, Poltava, Lviv, Luhansk, Ivano-Frankivsk and Dnipropetrovsk regions
  • Academy of Continuing Education of Kyiv Region
  • Academy of Continuing Education of Odessa Region
  • Lviv Regional Institute of In-Service Teacher Education
  • Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Institute of In-Service Teacher Education
  • Municipal Higher Education Institution "Kherson Academy of Continuing Education" of the Kherson Regional Council
  • Poltava Regional Institute of In-Service Teacher Education
  • Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education
  • Lugansk Regional Institute of In-Service Teacher Education

Project team

  • Corinna Borer – Project Manager (Switzerland)
  • Natalia Protasova - Project Manager (Ukraine)
  • Valentyna Poltorak – Operative Project Manager
  • Rolf Gollob – Strategic Project Expert (Switzerland)
  • Lyudmyla Parashchenko – Chief Expert of Component I «Civil Servants and LSG Representatives» 
  • Larysa Zhabenko - Chief Expert-Coordinator of Components ІІ «School Principals» and ІІІ «Teachers»
  • Lyubov Zadorozhna - Chief Expert of Components ІІ «School Principals» and ІІІ «Teachers»
  • Julia Molchanova - Chief Expert of Components IV «University Teachers: Primary School Education»
  • Inna Semenets-Orlova – Expert on Monitoring
  • Nataliya Sydorenko – Assistant on Web, Publishing and SMM
  • Tetyana Mykhaylova – Administrative Assistant
  • Oksana Levchyshena – Project Regional Coordinator in Odesa region  
  • Natalia Benderets - Project Regional Coordinator in Kyiv region 
  • Maryna Vatkovska - Project Regional Coordinator in Dnipro region 
  • Liubov Shelemei - Project Regional Coordinator in Ivano-Frankivsk region 
  • Anatoly Danylev - Project Regional Coordinator in Luhansk region 
  • Оlena Shyyan - Project Regional Coordinator in Lviv region 
  • Maryna Yeschenko - Project Regional Coordinator in Poltava region 
  • Zhorova Iryna - Project Regional Coordinator in Kherson region 





77 Sichovych Striltsiv St., Office 505,
Kyiv, 04053, Ukraine

E-mail: doccu@doccu.in.ua

Web-page: doccu.in.ua

FB: https://www.facebook.com/doccuUA/