Donor Board on Decentralization Reform in Ukraine

Three years ago Ukraine embarked on a complex and comprehensive local self-governance and administrative and territorial reform process based on the principle of decentralization. The international community is firmly standing behind this reform and has made available significant funds to support its implementation throughout the country. 

Successful implementation of the reform requires good coordination between the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine on the one hand, and the various donor agencies, embassies and multilateral organizations financing and implementing large-scale programs and projects related to decentralization on the other hand.

To achieve this coordination in the beginning of 2017 a Common Results Framework was elaborated aimed at providing a medium-term framework for the Ukrainian Government and its international partners to jointly monitor and measure decentralization reform implementation in Ukraine, as well as to effectively coordinate the work of international projects and programs. 

At the end of 2018, the Ministry endorsed an electronic Common Results Framework, which contains information on reform implementation progress updated on a semi-annual basis.

In order to assess reform progress against key indicators outlined in the Common Results Framework, and to provide a coordination platform where the Ministry together with donor agencies, embassies and multinational organizations can discuss and harmonize their involvement in the reform implementation, Donor Board on Decentralization Reform in Ukraine was established in April 2017. In its work the Donor Board relies on the mechanism of Working Groups under the auspices of the Donor Board,  set around key thematic reform priorities. Organizational support to the Donor Board and the Working Groups under the auspices of the Donor Board is provided by the Donor Board Secretariat


Iulia Lokshyna

Donor Board Secretariat

Olena Krylova

Donor Board Secretariat