Training of trainers on human resources management to support public officials in amalgamated hromadas

On 22-23 October 2018, a training of trainers (ToT) programme on “Modern tools on human resources management (HRM) in local self-government bodies” was held. The ToT was organised within the framework of a partnership between the National Agency of Ukraine for Civil Service, the All-Ukrainian Centre for Professional Training of Civil Servants and Local Self-Government Officials, the Council of Europe Programme “Decentralisation and local government reform in Ukraine” and the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, who joined efforts to improve the professional training of local self-government officials in amalgamated hromadas.  

During the 2-day ToT the participants had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in the field of HRM by learning about strategic approaches to HRM and the impact on current HRM practice of the draft law on Service in Local-Self Government once adopted. Moreover, the ToT also focused on how to attract the people with the right competencies to AHs, how to motivate staff, how to retain knowledge in an organisation, how to develop staff and other issues of strengthening organisational and management capacities of local authorities in amalgamated hromadas via improving its human resources management system.

The training is a first step towards building up a trainer pool of qualified trainers on HRM issues at the regional level with a view to the future training and advice of AH.