First workshop on municipal energy management took place

On 8-9 October, the first workshop on municipal energy management took place within the framework of the "Support for energy management in amalgamated hromadas" initiative implemented by U-LEAD with Europe jointly with the project “Energy Efficiency in Municipalities II”.

The workshop was held in the Poltava Local Government Development Centre (LGDC) with representatives of selected amalgamated hromadas (AHs) and the LGDCs from the Poltava, Kharkiv and Sumy Oblasts.

Sascha Kuhn (U-LEAD with Europe) and Volodymyr Peregudov (Energy Efficiency in Municipalities II) opened the workshop, emphasising the crucial role of energy management for AHs. The workshop was devoted to the basics of municipal energy management, practical advice on energy monitoring in municipal buildings and capacity building for the establishment of energy management systems in AHs.

By the end of October, three more seminars on energy management will take place:

  • 11-12 October – in the Dnipropetrovsk LGDC;
  • 16-17 October – in the Chernivtsi LGDC;
  • 18-19 October – in the Lviv LGDC.

A total of 30 hromadas from 13 oblasts of Ukraine were selected to participate in the initiative and will be supported in establishing their energy management systems.


U-LEAD with Europe