1300 administrative services access points have been created in Ukraine with support by the U-LEAD with Europe EU Programme

484 ASCs alongside with 816 territorial divisions, remote work places of administrators and mobile offices have been created in municipalities of Ukraine with support by the U-LEAD with Europe EU Programme. 11,9 million municipality residents have got access to high quality administrative services as a result of the Programme activity.

«Access to public services in an up-to-date, digital and transparent format  is crucial for the municipality living quality and attractiveness. That is why I am proud of the fact that due to the U-LEAD support, funded by the EU, ASCs have been opened in 484 municipalities. Proper ASCs, free of corruption, will facilitate the enhancement of trust for local authorities and create the positive environment for the strong local democracy, resident opportunities expansion and municipality flourishment», – claimed Xavier Camus, Head of Operations Section 1 "Good Governance and Democratisation”, EU Delegation to Ukraine.