An up-to-date ASC has started functioning at the Velykoburlutska hromada

On March, 15, 2021 a new ASC, created with support by the U-LEAD with Europe EU Programme, began functioning at the Velykoburlutska hromada of the Kharkiv oblast.

«An access to the public services in an up-to-date, digital and transparent format is crucial for the living standards and hromada attractiveness. That is why I am proud of the fact that that an ASC opened at the Velykoburlutska hromada, supported by the U-LEAD programme, funded by the EU. Proper ASCs, free of corruption, will contribute to strengthening trust in the local authorities and create a positive environment for the powerful local democracy, extending residents’ possibilities and hromadas flourishing», claimed Xavier Camus, Head of Governance Section, EU Delegation to Ukraine.