An ASC and six administers’ remote work places have been opened at the Chyhyryn hromada

On February, 4, 2021 a new ASC was opened at the Chyhyryn hromada in the Cherkasy region. The ASC and six administers’ remote work places were funded by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme.

The ASC will serve almost 30 000 hromada and rayon residents. The ASC central office provides with 257 services, including the most needed ones.

«A new ASC in Chyhyryn is a vivid example of decentralisation, when all issues are solved locally as quickly as possible, efficiently, affordably and transparently. The State is a service principle must cover the whole oblast. I’d like to thank our partners – the U-LEAD with Europe Programme – for assisting in this common mission implementation. Thanks to the Programme it is the 29th ASC, having been established in the Cherkasy oblast. By the end of the year we are planning to open 23 more ASCs. Our task is for each territorial hromada to have an ASC. The law envisages a couple of years for this to happen but we are ambitious enough to speed up the process dramatically. Of course, the Cherkasy Oblast State Administration will contribute to it in all possible ways but it must be initiated directly by a hromada. So, we are looking forward to a feedback from the local authorities and deputies», - stated Oleksandr Skichko, the head of the Cherkasy Oblast State Administration.