Webinars and hands-on trainings for hromada heads – participant selection has begun

Local self-government authorities change their hromada life daily. Hromada leaders define the development trend and make key decisions. Simultaneously they face daily responsibility challenges and new authorities and resource opportunities. Constantly changing their hromadas, it is important to keep up with the changes, to be aware of the new, to keep in touch with experts and colleagues from other hromadas.

To assist hromada authorities in it, the U-LEAD with Europe Programme is planning to implement the programme «2021 Steps for Authorities. Online-version», having been developed exclusively for hromada heads.

To participate in the selection it is necessary to fill in a form from Appendix 2, and to send it by 18.00 January, 15, 2021 to regops.u-lead@giz.de.