ASC established with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme has opened in Polyana hromada in Zakarpattia

On December 23, at the celebration of the the anniversary of Polyana hromada, a new administrative service center was opened. The U-LEAD with Europe Programme provided support in the institutional establishment of the ASC and three remote workplaces. The central office of the ASC provides 259 services, including the registration services, social protection, pension services and other, most necessary for the residents of the community. 127 services are provided in the villages of Ploske, Rodnykivka and Solochyn.

The hromada built from scratch the premises for the ASC, and the Programme furnished the center, and will soon complete the supply and installation of equipment, software for nine  administrators  of ASC and remote workplaces, and a software complex Vulyk. The ASC office  has a public reception area for residents to communicate with local authorities. All access points to administrative services are equipped for people with disabilities.



U-LEAD with Europe