Mariupol Development Fund’s project starts with the support of U-LEAD with Europe

Accessible, high-quality, prompt services should be a must for Mariupol residents, which they can get within a walking distance in the committees of self-organisation of the population (CSP).

The project on “Development of front offices of the committees of self-organisation of the population”, implemented by the SCO Mariupol Development Fund in partnership with the Mariupol City Council and with the support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, has been launched today.

Currently, there are 45 committees of self-organisation of the population in all districts of Mariupol, that employ 86 people. They help residents to solve communal and household problems, issue certificates for submission to various authorities, agree on the location of point-of-sales and provide a range of other services.

Within the project, 45 participants will increase their knowledge of the work of local governments, the role of self-organisation committees in public administration, e-democracy tools, as well as gain the necessary skills of effective communication. This will help to respond quickly and efficiently to the needs of residents and jointly solve problems, as well as take an active part in the development of territories.

The process of registration of all those willing to participate in the project is currently ongoing.

Online training programmes for CSP representatives will begin in November.



U-LEAD with Europe