Six advantages of Vulyk information system - new video

The Vulyk information system is planned to be implemented in hundreds of administrative service centers. Accordingly, there are many questions about its capabilities.

That's why the EGOV4Ukraine project, which is part of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, produced an animated video. The "cartoon" briefly and easily describes the reasons for the development of the Vulyk information system and its main advantages.

There are six of them. Vulyk provides the basic needs of information service centres, sends the documents of the applicants to the entities that deliver services in an electronic way. It also interacts with the Trembita data exchange system, has convenient functionality and an accessible interface, and there are possibilities to connect other developers' systems to Vyluk. What’s important, the information system is free of charge for ASCs of public sector.

More details can be found in the animated video:


To find more about Vulyk please visit its website



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