Call for Expressions of Interest 

Call for Expressions of Interest  by companies/individuals that wish to participate in the tender for the maintenance and further programming of the data management infrastructure (DMI) for the monitoring system of the U-LEAD with Europe (Component I) Programme

Background information

Starting in 2017, the U-LEAD with Europe Programme has tailored a monitoring system, DMI, using the best collection of open source IT tools available. Currently, the DMI stores all relevant monitoring data produced by the Programme, such as lists and detailed information about events, participants, trainers and facilitators, as well as satisfaction survey results. The IT platform also includes advanced search functions and is capable of aggregating, analysing and visualising data in a dashboard through charts, graphs and maps. This makes the DMI a necessary tool for planning and steering the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, as well as reporting on its achievements and progress towards results.

DMI is stacked with 100% open source / GNU GPLv3 technologies.

  • Framework: Ruby on Rails (5.2.2)
  • API framework: Grape
  • Database: PostgreSQL 11 with PostGIS & Fuzzymatch extensions
  • Search engine: Elasticsearch (6.5.4) with customizations
  • Application server: Puma (config as of June 6 has 2 process workers with 1-2 threads)
  • Libraries to operate with PDF and XLS files: wicked_pdf, write_xlsx
  • Core engine for back-end mapping: OpenStreetMap tiles
  • Cache storage: Redis


  • NodeJS v11.7.0
  • ReactJS framework
  • Charts.js v2
  • D3.js for data visualizations
  • Leaflet
  • Google as a provider for address search

At the moment, the Programme seeks service providers available to ensure the provision of dedicated technical maintenance and further development of the DMI during the second phase of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme starting in 2020.

Summary Scope of Work

The scope of work will entail the following:

  1. Technical maintenance to ensure the continuous operation of the DMI;

  2. Adjustment of the system to the monitoring and visualisation needs for the next phase of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme;

  3. Further development and enhancement of the DMI’s various tools according to the U-LEAD with Europe Programme’s specifications and based on end user feedback.

Complete details of the requirements shall be included in tendering documentation.


For the tasks described in the previous section, it is foreseen that a 12-month contract starting 1 of July 2020 (with a possibility of 3-year extension) will be established after a formal tendering process.

Skills/ Qualifications/ Experience required

The U-LEAD with Europe Programme invites companies, consortia and/or individuals to express their interest and capabilities to provide dedicated support and development services for system as described above. In order to be considered for invitation to participate in the tender, a service provider should meet at least these requirements:

  • The IT service provider shall be operating in the field of developing, implementing and supporting IT systems for project management, monitoring and evaluation, with proven experience in this field;
  • The contractor should have previous experience of working with international organisations and/or enterprises in the areas of expertise related to the requirements;
  • Staff should be experienced in carrying out IT development and dedicated support activities using the above mentioned tools and technologies. Skills in the field of web-based monitoring systems, mobile technology, data management, data visualisation and mapping geospatial data are essential;
  • The contractor should have proven experience of project managing work in medium to large multi-site enterprises. The contractor should demonstrate the ability to provide a dedicated team to deliver the work plan throughout the duration of the contract;
  • Team leader should be able to communicate in both English and Ukrainian in a clear and concise verbal and written manner.

Contact details

Interested providers should send the following information to by 5 July 2019 to be considered for invitation to the tender:

  • brief information on the service provider as an entity (legal and organisational); 
  • an overview of technical qualifications;
  • a profile of the company’s resources (e.g. permanent or temporary staff members) relevant to the requirements and criteria described above;
  • referrals to relevant work experience(s) accompanied by URLs to completed projects with similar requirements. Customer/client references are also welcome.

The Expressions of Interest, including the submitted documents, shall be in English only. Applicants should bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of an Expression of Interest.

No price information is requested at this stage. This Request for Expressions of Interest is not a solicitation, and replying to it does not guarantee that a service provider will be invited to any solicitation by GIZ. No further details of the planned solicitation will be made available to vendors prior to the issuance of tender documents.  In the event of a tender for the subject matter described herein, any Request for Proposal and any subsequent purchase order or contract will be issued in accordance with GIZ GmbH rules and procedures.