World Cafe as way to attract investments

A group of advisers together with UkraineInvest, Regional Development Agency of the Zhytomyr Oblast and Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration held a discussion on the investment potential of the region in the World Cafe format.

A discussion on the investment potential of the region and ways of attracting investments into the oblast’s economy was held at the Zhytomyr Local Government Development Centre on 26 February. The "World Cafe" event was organised by the Regional Development in Policy and Action team of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme, together with the specialists of the UkraineInvest, investment attraction and support office, Regional Development Agency of the Zhytomyr Oblast and Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration. Apart from the representatives of the organisers, participants of the World Cafe included the leaders of Zhytomyr Oblast’s business structures and CSOs.

“The technique is called the World Cafe. It is not a brand new one, but most of participants are taking part in the World Cafe for the first time. We wished to apply a format in which all participants with their own experience, would have the opportunity and even had to share their opinions with colleagues. The format is quite effective – we can discuss one issue from different angles within three hours. Today’s general topic is quiet clear and simple: what can be done to attract more investors,” told Matthias Morgner, RDPA Team Leader, to the journalists of the Zhytomyr Oblast.

The event was attended by 40 participants, divided into six teams, each sitting at a table and discussing a specific question within 30 minutes. Upon completion of such a discussion, all team members moved to another table to discuss another issue – apart from one person, who noted all the ideas of various teams during the discussion of the issue set forth at this table, and after the discussion presented these ideas to all the event participants.

The topics for discussion covered resources and peculiarities of the region, its economic potential; factors preventing investment attraction; ways to improve the investment climate of the Zhytomyr Oblast.

The SK1 TV channel reported about the event in Zhytomyr: