30 AHs to participate in the U-LEAD with Europe Programme’s initiative “Support and Development of Sustainable Mobility Services in Amalgamated Hromadas”

30 amalgamated hromadas from 18 oblasts of Ukraine have been selected for participation in the U-LEAD with Europe Programme’s initiative “Support and Development of Sustainable Mobility Services in Amalgamated Hromadas” jointly implemented with the GIZ Sector Project Sustainable Mobility.

The following hromadas have been shortlisted from 128 applicants:

  1. Desnyanska settlement AH, Chernihiv Oblast
  2. Menska urban AH, Chernihiv Oblast
  3. Mrynska rural AH, Chernihiv Oblast
  4. Novhorod-Siverska urban AH, Chernihiv Oblast
  5. Hlybotska settlement AH, Chernivtsi Oblast
  6. Sokyryanska urban AH, Chernivtsi Oblast
  7. Velykokuchurivska rural AH, Chernivtsi Oblast
  8. Loshkarivska rural AH, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
  9. Siverska urban AH, Donetsk Oblast
  10. Broshniv-Osadska settlement AH, Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast
  11. Rohanska settlement AH, Kharkiv Oblast
  12. Velykoburlutska settlement AH, Kharkiv Oblast
  13. Novokakhovska  urban AH, Kherson Oblast
  14. Dunayevetska urban AH, Khmelnitsky Oblast 
  15. Kolybayivska rural AH, Khmelnitsky Oblast
  16. Pryiutivska settlement AH, Kirovohrad Oblast
  17. Studenykivska rural AH, Kyiv Oblast
  18. Davydivska rural AH, Lviv Oblast
  19. Koblivska rural AH, Mykolayiv Oblast 
  20. Radsadivska rural AH, Mykolayiv Oblast
  21. Machukhivska rural AH, Poltava Oblast
  22. Smyzka settlement AH, Rivne Oblast
  23. Chernechchynska village AH, Sumy Oblast
  24. Stepanivska settlement AH, Sumy Oblast
  25. Horodyshchenska rural AH, Volyn Oblast
  26. Poromivska rural AH, Volyn Oblast
  27. Perechynska urban AH, Zakarpattia Oblast
  28. Bilenkivska rural AH, Zaporizhzhia Oblast
  29. Kamyansko-Dniprovska urban AH, Zaporizhzhia Oblast
  30. Voskresenska rural AH, Zaporizhzhia Oblast

As part of the project, representatives of selected AHs will participate in a series of trainings aimed at raising competencies in the area of planning of public transport infrastructure, road safety measures, creating conditions for safe and comfortable cycling, as well as organising public and social transport services. Hromadas will also receive technical assistance in developing strategic transport documents that will promote the use of modern approaches to make sustainable transport more popular. Sustainable transport can be described as transport with a minimal negative impact on environment and economy. With the participation of Ukrainian and German experts, it is planned to conduct trainings, international study visits and workshops directly in the hromadas.